What to expect on APUL Snowboarding A - Riding course?

This course focuses on very advanced riding on- as well as off-piste and helps you with a deeper understanding of the biomechanics of snowboarding. The course emphasize on different approaches to teaching and riding itself. It prepares you for leading trainings of snowboard instructors and opens the gate to the team of APUL snowboard lecturers.

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Simon Svoboda
Head of Section, Snowboarding APUL

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What kind of course is it?

The course APUL Snowboarding A - Riding is a follow-up course to course B and is a part of the license A, consisting of three different courses. It is a 7 day course and is a part of "Kaprun Project" where various APUL courses are intertwined with other projects of Czech Snowboard School.

What to expect on the course?

The best lecturers of our team. The course takes place in April on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier within our "Kaprun Project". The course is aimed at deeper understanding of snowboarding and its teaching. The graduate should understand the connections between different riding styles and disciplines. Methodological part of the course focuses on leading trainings and courses for instructors. The course includes also a freeride part focused on off-piste riding techniques and the specifics of teaching off-piste.

Practical workshops on the slope and beyond will emphasize the following key points of the course A:

  • Perfect instructor riding demonstrations of techniques
  • Understanding the relationship of individual riding styles
  • Teaching methods of conducting trainings and courses for instructors
  • Off-piste riding techniques
  • Teaching in the off-piste

What are the entry criteria?

  • Applicant must be least 18 years old on the opening day of the course.
  • Applicant must be APUL Snowboarding B licensee.
  • Applicant must be APUL member (membership fee paid in the period).
  • Applicant must be experienced snowboard instructor.
  • Applicant must be a succesful graduate of APUL Avalanche 1 course (if you are not, you can still participate in A course, but the license will be granted only when completing the course Avalanches 1).

What is the daily program? (Course structure)

The course content is divided into practical part on the slope and the theoretical part in the form of lectures and workshops. The daily program will be adapted to local weather and snow conditions. Changes to the course program can be made by the course leader. One full course day is reserved for final exams. Participation in all parts of the program is a necessary requirement to the successful completion of the course. The course can take place simultaneously with anouther APUL courses, which can affect the daily program.

day 0 Arrival and accommodation in the afternoon,registration and information in the evening - time will be announced
  9:00 to 12:00 lunch 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
day 1-5 Training of snowboarding and teaching   Training of snowboarding and teaching Workshops, theory test
day 6-7 Final exams   Final exams
Evaluation and announcement of results

Profile of APUL "A" Snowboarding Instructor 

APUL Snowboarding A license entitles its holder to teach very advanced riders and to conduct trainings for instructors in ski schools. In combination with an avalanche course it is a great opportunity to teach freeriding. It is also the gateway to our team of lecturers.

How does the exam work?

The exam consists of several parts:

1. Theory / Methodology

Theory and methodology are intertwined. The candidate prepares lesson plans which he/she must defend in front of the committee.The second part is a practical demostration of a snowboard lesson on the slope. The knowledge of all the subject matter at lower levels of APUL education is a must.

2. Video-analysis

The test takes the form of video-coaching. The candidate is evaluated for the leading, expertise and clarity of his performance. The video-coaching is followed by a technical discussion with examiners, in which the candidate must demonstrate the knowledge of the topics related to teaching snowboarding, which are discussed at all levels of APUL courses.

3. Riding Skills

The graduate has to master the demostration of all types of turns that appear in APUL snowboarding education on an average rate of 6 points (on rating scale of 0-10 points). A new technique is a short turn with a separation, which is an important technique for riding steep slopes and mogules. Exam from riding on the slope is divided into two parts. Instructor´s riding includes basic carving turn, basic skidded turn and a skidded turn with a vertical upward movement (all three rides must be demonstrated on switch). Sports riding includes carving turns with strain upward relief, carving turns with strain downward relief and short turns with separation. The third part is an Off-piste ride which is evaluated similarly to freeride contests. Ie. controlled ride, the choice of a track, riding technique, style, etc.

4. Foreign Language

The test is passed in the chosen language (Ie. Czech, English or German)

What necessary equipment to bring?

  • Adequate snowboarding equipment (snowboard with functional bindings and boots).
  • We recommend protectors - helmet, spine protector, etc.
  • Avalanche equipment - quality backpack, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe.
  • Waterproof and warm clothing. We will spend 5 and more hours a day outside in any weather conditions
  • Goggles and sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen.
  • Money for ski pass (a significant discount will be arranged).
  • Money for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (or self-catering).
  • Notepad and pen for making notes and information from workshops on and off the snow.

Sources of information and recommended literature

The basic source of information on the course is our methodology book which you will receive after arriving at the course.  Furthermore, you will benefit from lectures during the course. Any materials such as methodology of other associations or training videos, which may be found on Youtube, can be helpful.

We are currently in the phase of preparing a new methodology book, which is still in draft. We will partly use the old methodology which can be downloaded here.

A draft methodology of A + B can be downloaded here.

lesson plans

Here you can find lesson plans of the previous course B participants to download. 


We recommend you to print or download our methodology materials to your computer or phone.

Fitness, safety, accident

All APUL courses are very intensive educational experience and are held in a mountain area and in all weather conditions. Therefore, they are physically and mentally demanding so it is recommended to dedicate sufficient attention to physical preparation few weeks before the course.

All APUL course participants are - when moving on the ski slopes - obliged to comply with the so-called "Ten Rules of conduct on the slopes." If any participant of the course will be systematically violate the rules of conduct on the slopes by his behaviour, threatening other course participants or other skiers, he will be asked to quit and leave the course. 

Since snowboarding is a risky sport, we recommend arranging the appropriate accident insurance in case of accident or injury. Participation in the course is voluntary and at your own risk. APUL does not bear any consequences for possible injuries.

Tips for effective training

Our goal is to prepare you for the work of snowboarding instructor, but also to give you some tips on how to develop your skills. To begin with, we recommend:

  • Strong muscles protect the skeleton. Keep your body fit and avoid injury.

  • Stretch at least few minutes a day to prevent injuries.

  • Do sports. It will improve your results in snowboarding.

  • Ride with and listen to more experienced riders and instructors, they can really help you.

  • Do not overestimate your skills.


We wish you a successful course and good luck with the final exams.
We look forward to seeing you at APUL events.

Methodical Committee of APUL Snowboarding

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