About us

President's word

Dear colleagues,

If I were to briefly summarize what is characteristic of APUL, I would particularly point out three things:


We have been on the market since 1992, but we certainly do not want to say that we are no longer surprised and that we will do the education we were used to. On the contrary, it is crucial to keep up-to-date with trends and to evolve. Especially thanks to our lecturers, who work in many countries of the world, we are getting new impulses and getting the know-how in APUL in a unique way.


We associate around 35 ski schools and thousands of snow sports teachers, train over 1,000 people a year. This allows us to implement ambitious projects that in turn strengthen our educational potential. We take action as a commitment to schools and teachers, and we are able to offer them the best education and service.


The crucial fact is that the APUL have been established and operated by ski schools and teachers themselves - that is, there is a constant dialogue about what is needed in the field of education, what are the new trends and how to react quickly and adequately. This is a huge self-locking element that creates a high functionality of the entire education system, which is not found in most accredited facilities in the Czech Republic.

In short - if you are thinking about education and working in the mountains, you are in the right place!

Libor Knot

Our story

The Association of Professional Ski Teachers has a long tradition. At the time of its establishment in 1992, professional skiing lessons began to develop in the Czech Republic and its reputation began to grow after APUL became a member of the international association ISIA. Today, we have a quarter-century of education development in the Czech Republic, our successful graduates are working all over the world and developing cooperation with foreign partners.


History of APUL

The Association of Professional Ski Teachers and Ski Schools in the Czech Republic was founded in 1992 due to the lack of an educational system for instructors working in commercial ski schools. This organization associates professional ski instructors who meet the criteria necessary for working in commercial ski schools. Currently, APUL associates over 5,000 ski and snowboard teachers and 36 ski schools (which account for about 2/3 of the labor market).

In May 1994, APUL was officially admitted to the international organization ISIA (International Association of Professional Skiing Teachers) and worked closely in methodology and teaching systems with partner associations of other countries. The individual levels of APUL (courses D, C, B and A) are in line with the international standards of ISIA and as such are internationally recognized. APUL is also a full member of INTERSKI ČR.

The ISIA has set out to its members specific conditions that determine the scope and content of the ski teacher training system. At the 1999 ISIA Congress in Spain, an amendment to the ISIA Statutes, which sets out the obligation to meet minimum standards in teacher education, was adopted. This means compliance with the 450 lessons, the inclusion of “second instrument” teaching, lessons in at least one foreign language, etc. None of the ski qualifications awarded so far except APUL in the Czech Republic. Based on these facts, APUL has developed a new education concept and also received accreditation from the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

At present, APUL is number one in winter sports professionals in the Czech Republic. In the last 5 years, there have been many innovations in the APUL training system, which concern the content of courses, teaching materials, course evaluations, selection of lecturers for teaching staff and the APUL management itself. APUL lecturers are largely made up of professionals who make winter sports lessons for up to 10 months of the year. The prize of the APUL lecturers, which brings a world-class quality guarantee, is the best invitation to APUL courses.