What to expect on APUL Snowboardcross 1 course?

This course will introduce you to snowboardcross. You will learn about the technique, rules, coaching and sports training. The course takes place in cooperation with Czech Snowboard TEAM. The course guarantor is a coach Petr Knapp, who will arrive from the World and European Cup tour. The course takes place mostly on a ski slope, short track or a snow park.

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Šimon Svoboda
Head of Section, Snowboarding APUL

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What type of course is it?

The course is aimed at Snowboard Cross, but you also learn a little about the slalom. The course is a part of the project of Czech Snowboard School and is organized in cooperation with the National Snowboardcross Team. Any rider who manages riding at higher speed and is not afraid of small to medium-sized jumps is welcomed to participate in the course. Successful completion of the course is a prerequisite for obtaining ISIA stamp.

What to expect on the course?

The course is led by one of the coaches of the national team. Currently, the course leader is Peter Knapp, experienced coach with instructors backround. You will learn about snowboard cross and slalom riding techniques, race track construction, equipment and its maintenance and training processes of children and youth. The program will take place on the slope practically, theoretically at lectures and there will also be videocoaching demonstrations and videos from various trainings and competitions.

What are the entry criteria?

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old on the opening day of the course.
  • Applicant must be - at least - APUL Snowboarding C licensee.
  • Applicant must be a member of APUL (paid membership fee in the given period).

What is the daily program? (course structure)

The content of the course is divided into a practical part on a slope and a theoretical part in the form of lectures and workshops. The daily program will be adapted to the weather, local and snow conditions. The course leader is responsible for editing the course program.

  9:00 - 12:00 lunch 13:00 - 15:00 17:00 - 19:00
day 0    


Registration - Time to be announced
Introductory lecture
Day 1-4

Program on the slope

  Program on the slope Workshops
day 5 Final exams   Final exams  Evaluation and announcement of results

Profile of the APUL Snowboardcross 1 graduate

The holder of this license is entitled to take care of training programs of ski school clients and sports clubs. The course is primarily focused on coaching children and youth. This course is an introductory course to snowboardcross. Further study is possible as a part of the Snowboardcross 2 course or a "coaching course" organized by Czech Snowboardcross Team.

How does the exam work?

The exam consists of three parts (riding, coaching practice, theory):

1. Riding exam:

Demonstrations of techniques - race carving, rollers, jump

2. Coaching practice exam:

Methodological exam from training management. Track construction, safety, training group management.

3. Theoretical exam:

Exam from analysis and theoretical knowledge takes the form of a written test. The test includes questions related to the topics of the lectures and workshops.

A succesful graduate needs to correctly answer 75% of the test questions for successful completion of the test., In case of unsuccessful completion of the test, the candidate is invited to an oral examination.

The candidate who fails to meet the criteria necessary for successful completion of the examination even in front of the examination board, must repeat the course.

What necessary equipment to bring?

  • Adequate snowboard equipment suitable for snowboardcross. Soft freestyle boards are inappropriate. It is possible to arrange renting equipment upon prior agreement.
  • The helmet is mandatory and other protectors are recommended.
  • Money for ski pass (a significant discount will be arranged).
  • Money for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (or self-catering).
  • otepad and pen for making notes and information from workshops on and off the snow.

Sources of information and recommended literature

The basic source of information on the course is information obtained from lectures and workshops.

Fitness, safety, accidents

All APUL courses are very intensive educational experience and are held in a mountain area and in all weather conditions. Therefore, they are physically and mentally demanding so it is recommended to dedicate sufficient attention to physical preparation few weeks before the course.

All APUL course participants are - when moving on the ski slopes - obliged to comply with the so-called "Ten Rules of conduct on the slopes." If any participant of the course will be systematically violate the rules of conduct on the slopes by his behaviour, threatening other course participants or other skiers, he will be asked to quit and leave the course. 

Since snowboarding is a risky sport, we recommend arranging the appropriate accident insurance in case of accident or injury. Participation in the course is voluntary and at your own risk. APUL does not bear any consequences for possible injuries.


We wish you a successful course and good luck with the final exams.
We look forward to seeing you at APUL events.

Methodological committee of APUL Snowboarding

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